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Aren't All Hospital Scrubs the Same?

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A career in health care involves serious decision making. Training, education and work in a health care setting are strenuous and demanding.

The tools and equipment must be of high quality to give good service for a long while. After making serious investment in all the things used every day on the job some health care professionals give little thought to getting the most from their uniforms. Following the reasoning that all scrubs are the same, they opt for inexpensive and cheaply made nursing scrubs.

The truth is that all scrubs are not the same. Buying cheaply made scrubs containing high quantities of synthetic fibers will save money, but look at what you get in return. Who wants to spend long days in ill-fitting nursing scrubs that aren't comfortable and that wear out quickly?

Quality manufactured uniforms from reputable suppliers such as Healing Hands scrubs provide comfort and durability you need for those long shifts. Choosing the right scrubs often depends upon your area of health care. Make a wise investment when purchasing scrubs involves paying special attention to design, fit and fabrics.

Your scrubs should fit well and project a professional image that identifies you as a medical professional and reassures the patients in your care. The tops and pants should allow you to move comfortably without looking saggy or sliding when you bend or turn. High quality scrubs are available in a wide range of flattering styles and colors.

Healing Hands scrub tops and pants are specifically designed to complement your appearance while providing the comfort and professional look your career demands. Look for design elements that add eye appeal and functionality to your uniforms. Tops with vertical pleats and V-neck inserts add appeal without being too revealing. Choose tops and pants with large kangaroo pockets conveniently positioned for getting at the tools and items you need on the job.

Fit and Fabrics
People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and a lot of them work in health care. The best scrubs provide a proper fit that is both comfortable and flattering to your body type.

Stay away from the one size fits most people attitude used to manufacture cheaply made medical uniforms. Quality manufacturers of health care apparel offer a range of styles and sizes including misses and plus sizes so that your scrubs fit your body type comfortably.

Cheap scrubs pick up lint, stay wrinkled and are often uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Finding quality scrubs is a matter of finding fabrics that are right for the job. Look for nursing scrubs specifically made to be soft and easy to launder. Twill materials like the fabric used by Healing Hands scrubs is blend of cotton and other quality fabrics to ensure softness and comfort. You want a fabric that breathes well and resists wrinkles.

Another serious consideration related to scrubs fabrics is durability. Nurses and other health care pros work long hours in conditions that often get messy. Choosing scrubs made from fabrics that resist stains and hold up well with long wear is important.

The majority of quality scrubs are constructed using cotton/polyester blends because the offer softness combined with durability for long wear. All-cotton scrubs are extremely long wearing and very soft but will need more time to launder and may need to be ironed. Look for fabrics that have been treated to resist wrinkling and lint when shopping and don't be afraid to ask questions. Buying work apparel is a major investment. Choosing wisely will save money in the long term and ensure you look your best on the job.

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