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Building your Brand with Loyalty Cards

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Small business owners and large corporations all have something in common and that is building brand loyalty with your customers.  There are different ways that can be done and it mainly involves making the brand readily available and top of mind.

One way to provide for a customer is a rebate card, sales incentive card or promotional card. These cards are printed with the company logo or image so that people automatically know what company has provided them with a card to use as they wish.

A rebate card is a card that can be used instead of a paper check as companies have done in years past. Perhaps you have purchased items from a store that is eligible for a manufacturers rebate.  Typically it would have been required to fill out a form, submit the form and proof of purchase to the company and then wait for the check to arrive in the mail.  Today, you can submit both the form and proof of purchase online in most cases, and a rebate card that can be used like a credit card will be sent to you for your own use. 

A sales incentive card is one that can act as a way to introduce yourself to a new customer, give them an incentive to purchase more or build up your loyalty program.  These types of cards are best used for consumers when a business is locating to a new location or even introducing a brand new product for which there is no sales history on yet.  Because the card itself is branded to reflect the company or product, it makes further impressions on the keeper of the card. 

The sales incentive card can also be used for rewarding the company’s sales staff.  By offering a card that contains money to use as you’d like because it can be used like a credit card is a way to incentivize your company’s sales people.  Perhaps the sales person sold the most new widgets, reward them with cash in the form of a prepaid credit card and they can’t help but be happy with the reward.

Perhaps, a company or product is not well known.   A way to start building brand loyalty is through a promotional card.  A card branded with the logo or image of a company can introduce the new item to the market.  Doing a promotional card will attract new customers as well as promote special events.

There are a lot of ways to build loyalty with your customers.  Offering an award card is an effective way to do it.

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