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Theming Your Restaurant Around Communications

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When people go out to eat, they are seeking something different from what they usually have at home. This is not only in terms of what is served to them but also the atmosphere that food and drinks are served in.

One atmosphere is electronic and one need for that can be dedicated Ethernet.

In a restaurant, this can be used to create an unlimited number of themes. For instance, on the walls inside, you can keep flashing various food items that are available on the menu and provide an electronic, moving wall menu other than the written ones that stand on tables that other establishments have. You can also keep pictures of the various wine and other beverage choices available on the walls and of course, all the delectable dessert choices.

On the outside, you can create a focal point on a wall or signage as a marketing strategy. You can flash the different food and drink choices available, display photos of the setting inside and any other features that can help to sell the restaurants.

Dedicated Ethernet is one way that an establishment can create a theme and an atmosphere that is completely different and striking. With speeds of up to 1 Gbps both for uploading and downloading large data files – or a lot of files at once – can be moved at lighting speeds. You are also assured of consistent high speeds with none of the issues of internet jams.

A dedicated Ethernet is much more flexible compared to the standard cable connection. The bandwidth can be increased at any time as the requirements of your business increase. You can therefore easily take the electronic wall menu theme further by increasing your bandwidth to offer customers an electronic ordering system.  With this feature, clients would take a seat at their time and press a button to call for service after browsing the choices on the wall menu.  Also, because you can increase your bandwidth with no hassles, you can easily create striking themes on special occasions when there are more people going out to eat like holidays.

Hey, it’s an idea that’s different.

You can also create occasions that are unique to the restaurant and promote this on the signage and interior walls. You can for instance make Friday night couples night where you offer two glasses or a large piece of cake free for couples; Saturday can be girls night out and you can give the men their own day perhaps when there are big games on.

You can do a lot to grow and expand your restaurant by using marketing strategies and enhanced operations such as the touch-to-order feature. You can also create striking themes with changing graphics that communicate what your establishment is all about.

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