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What to Expect When Working in a Corrections Facility

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Working in a corrections facility is usually considered by some to be one of the most hazardous jobs in the entire criminal justice field. Whether you are pursuing a career in a corrections facility by working your way through the ranks or taking online law enforcement courses, there is a lot to know.

Many people can be overwhelmed with the type of conditions that come with the job, but many employees have found it to be an exciting and fast paced career that is very rewarding. Here is a quick look at some of the things that you can expect while working in a corrections facility.

Intro to the work
Correctional facilities oversee those that have been arrested by police officers. Some are awaiting trial while others have been sentenced to be there. There are different levels of security and that can change the type of work entirely. Normally, those that have been sentenced to a term of under a year find themselves in a county jail. Those that have a sentence that eclipses a year or more will be sentenced to spend their time in a state prison correctional facility.

Many consider working in the county jail to be more of a slow paced job. A majority of the inmates in jails were put there for non-violent crimes and don't raise much of a problem, thus requiring less supervision.

State prisons on the other hand have offenders that can range from severe non-violent crimes such as drug trafficking, all the way up to murder. Due to the nature of their crimes, many are segregated from the general public. Having to supervise this part of the prison can be dangerous at times.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a corrections officer was $39,020 in May 2010. Officers that have been working there for many years can expect to earn quite a bit more than that, depending on the responsibilities.

State prison officers that are in charge of supervising a larger population of more dangerous offenders will be paid a higher sum than a county jail officer.

Occupational hazards
Correctional officers are trained to be prepared for a countless amount of dangerous situations. Contraband searches will be the most prime work that correctional officers do, and doing it thoroughly and correctly can save a lot of problems.

There have been many prisoners that have crafted weapons out of products that are allowed in the prisons. Keeping a watchful eye on this type of activity will be of the utmost importance.

One of the biggest complaints that correctional officers have is the stress of the work. It is constantly noisy in the prisons due to unruly offenders, and this can get to even the most patient person around.

There's also a feeling of isolation and restlessness. Being in a prison can make you feel like a prisoner if you are spending many hours there. With a lot of work to do each day, it's easy to feel worn down. There is barely a schedule to adhere to during the day, so the unpredictability can be exciting for some, but cumbersome for others.

After scratching the surface, you should have a little better understanding of what working in a correctional facility is like. If this sounds like the job for you, then there are many online law enforcement courses you can take to get your career started.

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